Internship Program

Internship programs are organized based on individual needs.  Internships are usually conducted during the latter years of academic study in support of graduation, thesis or dissertation requirements.  This is a ten to twelve week period where the intern interests are connected with practical applications that match their field of study.  Medical, education, public health, environmental and orphanage internships are available.

Medical Program

Volunteers provide primary health care services at hospitals, health centers or outposts as well as home visits.  Programs include medical elective, clinical internships, doctor, dental and nursing care.  Volunteers conduct orientation in hygiene, sanitation and other health topics in schools and communities.  A medical or nursing background is not required but recommended.

Environmental Program

Volunteers teach environmental and conservation topics at village schools and youth clubs in the community.  They provide an orientation on issues of conservation, waste management, clean drinking water, sanitation and to promote the creation of gardens and parks. 

Cultural Immersion Program

For any overseas volunteer interested in learning Nepali language and culture on an in-depth basis, this program offers a live in experience with a Nepali family either in the city or in the country side.  Volunteers participate in Nepali language and culture sessions throughout their program placement.  During this unique cultural experience, a volunteer has the opportunity to share and exchange his or her culture with the Nepalese people.

Volunteer Programs

Public Health Program

Create awareness in local Nepali communities while experiencing what is like to teach and educate to help remove the barriers to improved health.  The internship is designed to enhance and extend the individual's academic experience through the application of public health theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a supervised field experience.  Can be combined with our medical program.

Gap Year Program

Our program is customized for volunteers wanting to take a break between high school and college or between semesters and work.  Volunteers learn to explore and gain valuable life skills and experiences while building their confidence and growing as productive individuals in a global society.

English and Literacy Program

Volunteers are introduced to a community to teach kindergarten, primary and secondary school children the English language and other school subjects with an emphasis on literacy and cross-curriculum learning.  No teaching experience is necessary.

Nepal Reliance Organization (NRO) provides volunteers with community support and cultural experience through carefully organized programs in Nepal villages and urban areas.  In addition, volunteers have spare time for adventure and exploration.  NRO has ten categories of volunteer programs that run all throughout the year.  Program placement ranges from ten days to five months.  The programs have a two part design.  First, all volunteers receive an orientation and instruction in Nepali language and culture.  Second, volunteers are then placed in the community with a host family to start their volunteer activities.  Volunteers are provided twenty-four hour support at all times.

Monastery Program

This special limited program allows volunteers to be placed in a Buddhist Monastery.  Enjoy the peace and quiet in a spiritual environment while living side by side with Buddhist Monks.  It encompasses sessions of meditation, healing, Buddhist teachings and discussion groups.

Nepal Reliance Organization
Govt Reg No. 526/059-60
SWC Reg No. 14450

Study Abroad Program

Our study abroad program provides prospective students the opportunity to study a foreign language at a recognized government university in an intellectually challenging, socially diverse and culturally enriching environment.  Students enhance their educational experience while earning credits for a semester or academic year


Orphanage Program

Volunteers help provide daily care and emotional support for those less fortunate children without parents through hands-on activities such as education, counseling, nutrition, hygiene, recreation, sports and entertainment.