NRO Social Projects

Education Projects

NRO projects for education fund a variety of school children educational needs including donations of books, school supplies, uniforms, tuition and scholarships.

Environmental Building Projects

Maintaining educational facilities used daily by dozens of children is a continual need.  NRO helps fund projects for water taps and in-door restrooms.

Govt Reg No. 526/059-60
SWC Reg No. 14450

Orphanage Projects

For children who no longer have parents or are unable to support them, NRO donates to orphanages to provide food, clothing. healthcare, toys and school supplies. 

Nepal Reliance Organization

Examples of on-going NRO social work projects that are made possible through the funding of our volunteers to help the sustainability of Nepal.  These rural grass roots projects provide outreach to individuals, families and communities.

Income Generation Projects

NRO develops innovative ways of supporting local income generation through goat raising.  Goats are donated to village women who sell the milk and offspring.